Day: April 12, 2022

McDaid Chemist PharmacyMcDaid Chemist Pharmacy

McDaid chemist pharmacy

McDaid chemist pharmacy is known for its dedicated customer service, best choice and value for money. These chemists stress the importance of quality, efficiency and skills of pharmacists. The company provides high-quality services, authentic products and a team of highly-qualified apothecaries. The pharmacists of McDaid chemist pharmacy give the right advice on dosages and side effects of drugs.

Provide A Comprehensive Range Of Pharmaceutical Products

The company has also been involved in several investigations, including one in which Michael McDaid was found guilty of fraud. The allegations of fraudulent activities related to pharmaceutical services included the improper submission of payment prescription forms. The company was able to gain from the investigation, which involved a fine of 5,000 euro. The investigation is ongoing, but the pharmacy has not been closed or struck off the Register of Premises. However, the pharmacists are still free to work as pharmacists in McDaid chemist pharmacy.

The McDaid chemist pharmacy group is a family-run business in Ireland. These pharmacies are located in border counties such as Fermanagh and Cavan. They provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products and also offer a variety of beauty and cosmetic treatments. The pharmacy also has a section dedicated to Covid-19 supplies. A comprehensive selection of health care products and beauty supplies are available on McDaid chemist pharmacy’s online store.