Day: April 20, 2023


EnduroShield is a revolutionary easy clean coating that creates an invisible shield that repels water and protects against staining, etching and corrosion. This coating can be applied to any glass surface, making it extremely simple to look after. It is ideal for shower doors, where it reduces cleaning time by up to 90% compared to untreated glass.

Can you use vinegar on EnduroShield?

It is also suitable for bathroom mirrors, splashbacks, doors and windows – anywhere that needs easy to maintain glass. It is available for either existing or new glass surfaces and comes with a 3 year warranty on existing glass surfaces and a 10 year warranty on new glass.

The patented formula is made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients and has been rigorously tested to simulate a full 10 years of use. During this testing, the product has been exposed to the most commonly used cleaners on the market and has shown no signs of detriment. This makes it a perfect choice for high traffic areas that require frequent cleaning such as balconies, glass doors and sky-lights.

With you are able to dramatically reduce your cleaning time by up to 90% and this alone makes the treatment worth the investment. A few minutes a day with a damp microfibre cloth is all that is needed to keep your glass looking like new. If a more thorough clean is required mild soaps that don’t contain harsh chemicals can be used. However, if abrasive cleaners are used on treated surfaces this will damage the coating.