Day: April 15, 2024

Water Dunk Tank RentalWater Dunk Tank Rental

water dunk tank rental

Water dunk tank rental are a fun addition to parties, fairs, festivals and carnivals. They also make a great fundraiser for schools, organizations and local businesses. Dunk tanks have been delighting crowds for years and are a favorite at company picnics, school carnivals and other community events.

A water dunk tank is a large plastic container filled with water that has a collapsible, spring-loaded seat attached to the top of the tank. A volunteer climbs up a small ladder to reach the seat over the water. When a ball is thrown at the target it releases the arm of the target which allows the seat to drop dunking the volunteer into the water below.

Make a Splash: Water Dunk Tank Rental Guide and Tips

Our premium style dunk tank has a clear viewing window and holds 500 gallons of water. It can accommodate a guest up to 250lbs. It is lime green with a circus clown motif.

It is important that only Adults sit on the dunk tank seat and are dunked. The dunker should wear rubber sole shoes. The dunker should not stand or kneel on the seat and they must move toward the front of the tank when climbing back up out of the tank to avoid hitting their head on the tank’s seat. The dunk tank should never be unattended or left empty of water as it is a drowning hazard. Always keep non-swimmers, anyone less than 5’ tall or over 250 pounds off of the seat and out of the tank.