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A-Z Title Tags Are Now a Womenswear Mainstay

Womenswear (in Middle English woman, “dressing, apparel, outer wear, women’s”) is generally clothing and other accessories for girls and women, intended primarily for utilitarian use, as fashionable dress, shoes, handbags and other apparel. The term became very popular in the United States during the late 19th century, when it began to be used to describe the industrial clothing made by immigrants working in textile mills located in America’s Eastern border states, which were highly prized for their quality workmanship. The workmanship of the garments and the comfort of the people working in these textile mills made the American consumer willing to spend more on Womenswear, especially during the time of the Great Depression. The clothing was designed for an adult female – a man would buy similar clothes for his working-class male counterpart. Click Here –

Womenswear, The Natural Choice

As time passed, other countries started to adopt the terminology that Womenswear used to describe men’s outerwear. French was one country that adopted French terminology wholesale, and used it in their own clothing lines. Because the demand for Womenswear in other countries was very high at the time, Womenswear companies were quick to respond by creating more styles for their lines. Some companies were successful in marketing their products with their translation into English. There are many Womenswear companies that are still operating today, and provide custom made and tailored clothing to both men and women.

One Womenswear company that has been in business for over a hundred years is Old Navy, which has gone through great changes in their customer base. They started out by only making coats and sweaters, but today they provide full lines of shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, swimwear, lingerie, hats, jewelry and more. They have gone from a local store on an ordinary street to a large corporation in a flash. The motto that is now on their label, “Wherever your heart takes you, there is a z-a-date.” is a good way to view their growth over the years.

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