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Things to Do in SalinaksThings to Do in Salinaks

Salina, Kansas is located about halfway between Kansas City and Saint Louis. Salina is also a port town in and the largest town of Saline County, Kansas. As of the latest 2021 census, the town population was 47,713. This historic port town is home to several colleges. For most of its history, Salina has been a central trade center for the agricultural regions of Kansas and western Missouri – Find more

What is the best Things to Do in Salinaks

The second largest town within Salina is Hazelwood. This was a boom community during the 1800s with a central location, which allowed for the development of roads, mills and a railway. Many of these were run by salaried workers from the surrounding areas. The main attractions include historically significant sites, such as the former Woolworth’s department store, several theaters and several museums.

In the eastern part of Salina, you will find the historic Black Water Springs, which was formed in the early 1900s due to an influx of hot springs. After World War II, several businesses and homes were built along the springs including a hotel and golf course. The Black Water Springs Shopping Center is now a food market. The Salina Riverboat Tours will take you to the finest Kansas City tours while you enjoy your things to do in salina ks.