Armand Hammer Essentials Society Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Social Entrepreneurs in Canada

Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Social Entrepreneurs in Canada

There are a number of inspiring Canadian social entrepreneurs who use their businesses to serve a societal need. Research done for the social enterprise class at Carleton University revealed that there is some debate over what constitutes a “social enterprise.” Some are for-profit while others are non-profit. The purpose of the survey is to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities facing these Canadian entrepreneurs and their businesses. This article will outline the top four challenges and opportunities faced by social entrepreneurs. Click here – Marc Kielburger

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Young Social Entrepreneurs in Canada is a comprehensive account of this group. The book explores the perspectives of young social entrepreneurs under the age of 35. The book is based on interviews with Gary McPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for the Study of Social Entrepreneurship. The authors interviewed individuals working on dual bottom line initiatives, which entails meeting both economic and social goals. In addition, the authors examine the importance of incorporating a strong community and social impact plan into the business’s strategy.

The Canadian government has taken a strong role in promoting social enterprises. It has a variety of programs and policies in place that support these organizations. The federal and provincial governments support the development of social enterprises and encourage the growth of such enterprises. Through these programs, Canadians can access government funding and help them find partners and investors. They can learn from the experiences of other industries and apply their new skills to solve community needs.

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