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Face Mask Surgical Disposable – LTC Office Supplies

Face mask surgical disposable – LTC Office Supplies is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) that covers the nose, mouth and ears. It is designed to protect an individual against the inhalation of larger droplets and fine aerosol particles. It also protects others who may be in the vicinity of the person wearing the mask by diminishing the spread of respiratory secretions from that individual’s face.

The most common type of face mask is made from a non-woven fabric. This is a fabric that has been created from a thermoplastic polymer that can be molded to shape at high temperatures. These fabrics are generally odorless, hypoallergenic and latex free. The pore size of these materials is smaller than that of woven cotton and linen, which allows them to filter out more bacteria and airborne particles than a woven cloth.

The Essential Guide to Surgical Disposable Face Masks: Everything You Need to Know

When selecting a face mask, make sure it fits snugly around the nose and cheeks. A loose fit could allow fluids or dust to leak underneath the mask, which would not provide any protection. Also make sure it is clear of holes or tears. The ear loops should be tight to help secure the mask on the head.

A good quality mask will have the CDC or European EN certification mark on the packaging. The EN certification marks show the product meets strict standards for use as a medical device. This certification means the manufacturer has conducted rigorous tests on the product and that it is safe to use by health care professionals.

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