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How to Configure Your Wireless Router to Use the Proper Wireless Networking Server (WISP)

If you have an Internet Connection, it is probable that you have heard of the popular dial up number; however there are other numbers that you might not know about which can be traced using a few simple steps 192.168.. If you have always had internet service through your phone company, you may still be unaware that there are different types of connections, including the cable and DSL offerings. These are just two of the available options that consumers have for connecting to the internet, and with the right type of investigation, can easily determine what type of connection they have been using and find out if they need to upgrade or switch to something more powerful. If you are currently using a dial up connection and would like to upgrade to something better, these tips will help you learn how to trace it.

Configuring Wireless Routers For Simple Networking

One of the easiest ways to see if you would need to make any changes in order to have better Internet service is to check your Ethernet cable and see if it is attached to a private IP address. The private IP address is simply a computer that is exclusive to your home network. In other words, when you are online at work and use your personal computer at home, the IP address that is assigned to your personal computer is different from the one that is associated with your home network. By examining the Ethernet cable that connects your router to the modem, you will be able to see what type of connection you have been using, and if you have moved or changed the connection that you have been using.

Another option that you may want to consider is changing your default IP address. This is especially helpful if you have been using an old and slow modem that is still connected to a company that has no wireless router default IP address. Sometimes a company that is just starting out will have their own preferred method for doing so, and you should be able to find this information on your router’s user manual. However, if you have found that your modem is still tied to a company’s default IP address, you can easily change your IP address by following the instructions on the manufacturer’s website. Changing your default IP address is not as difficult as it sounds, but you will need to visit the manufacturer’s website and follow the easy to understand instructions that are provided there. Once you have done this, you will be able to login to your computer with your new login details and see whether it is working or not.

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